Johnston Elementary School

Location: Corner of Ardmore Blvd and  Franklin Avenue. Get Directions

Type: Commercial for Sale

Asking Price: $600,000

Property Owner: Wilkinsburg School District

Size: Approximately 46,000 square feet total on 3 floors; corner location.

Status: Available for sale

Most Recent Use: Johnston Elementary School (Closed)

Features: Built in 1922 and renovated numerous times. Lot is 2.3 acres with some parking area and playgrounds. Roof replaced in 2002; Boilers replaced in 1992. The lower level features a cafeteria, commercial kitchen, library and multi-purpose room.  The upper 2 floors are classrooms.  A columned atrium with skylight adorns the main entrance.

Condition: Very good

Other terms and conditions: Inquire with agents

Johnston SchoolInside Johnston School

Contact: PRC Commercial: David Hanley or Derrick Tillman

Telephone: 412-261-6500


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